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WARN Notices

WARN notices are required by the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act to provide advance notice in cases of qualified plant closings and mass layoffs. A fact sheet on the WARN Act is available at The U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration website. You can view the current year's WARN notices in the table below or download PDFs of previous years' notices. If you would like to view individual WARN letters, you can find them on the Michigan Workforce Development Agency WARN Notices webpage.

Previous Years:

Additional years of data are available on the WARN Archive page.

2023 WARN Notices through April 30, 2023

Company Name City Date Received Incident Type Number of Layoffs
Concentrix Corporation Auburn Hills 1/3/2023 Facility Closing 125
PROSPECT AIRPORT SERVICES INC Detroit 1/6/2023 Layoff 516
Proper Group Holdings LLC Warren 1/6/2023 Facility Closing 130
Clover Imaging LLC Ithaca 1/12/2023 Layoff 82
MONITRONICS INTERNATIONAL INC Belleville 1/13/2023 Layoff 1
Inteva Products, Inc. Adrian 1/13/2023 Layoff 149
Concentrix Corporation Farmington 1/23/2023 Facility Closing 161
MARSHALL EXCELSIOR CO INC Marshall 1/30/2023 Layoff 81
FINLANDIA UNIVERSITY Hancock 3/6/2023 Facility Closing 137
FUNCTION INC Caledonia 3/15/2023 Facility Closing 68
YELLOW CORPORATION Taylor 3/16/2023 Facility Closing 105
EYM KING OF MICHIGAN LLC Statewide 3/23/2023 Facility Closing 424
RAPID FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC Detroit 3/24/2023 Layoff 51
SANDLER TRAVIS TRADE ADVISORY Southfield 3/31/2023 Facility Closing 82
HOME POINT FINANCIAL Ann Arbor 4/11/2023 Layoff 113
PHILLIE BRIDALS INC Statewide 4/14/2023 Facility Closing 0
DAWSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Benton Harbor 4/21/2023 Facility Closing 90
TOTAL: 2,405
January 1 through April 30: 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Number of notices received Y-T-D 18 11 4 153 29
Number of layoffs indicated Y-T-D 2405 1271 458 25989 7701